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Great Expectations - and the art of setting them

Expectations are often the launchpad to the level of achievement we obtain in our lives. Expectations that are set too high can leave us burdened with a sense of failure, frustration and under achievement. Expectations that are set too low can hold us back from realising our full potential and positively impacting the lives of those closest to us as well as others. Great expectations are those that draw on a number of factors that positively influence us various ways. Our circumstances, our abilities, our beliefs and values all contribute one way or another to the expectations we set for ourselves as do our past experiences and attitude to life.

The ability to define what should or shouldn't contribute toward the expectations we set for ourselves is core to ensuring that we achieve our dreams and goals effectively and efficiently. Below are some examples of factors can influence our expectations positively or negatively:
- Environment: location, age, job, role, financial status, etc
- Behaviour: physical behaviour, actions, thoughts, etc
- Capabilities: skills, talents, aptitude, training, education, etc
- Beliefs: beliefs, values, guiding principles, motivational forces, etc
- Identity: self-belief, mission in life, vision, etc
- Spirituality: our spiritual connection, place in the world, etc

It is wise to think about how each of these aspects may be influencing the expectations we have set for ourselves in the various areas of our lives. Are they enabling us to hit the mark for our immediate goals and plans? What do we need to change in order to set great expectations?

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