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Overcoming life's challenges

Overcoming hardship
Posted: Feb.12.2013
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It does not matter where you start, it matters where you finish

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a most inspirational woman by the name of Jillian Haslam. As we got speaking, she mentioned that she had been born and raised in India as the child of an English serviceman. She went on to outline her key childhood memories which were essentially of survival under extreme living conditions that included poverty, hardship and abuse. Looking at this most well-spoken, intelligent, beautifully groomed woman standing before me, it was hard to imagine that she had come from such squalor and I was intrigued by her life story as she spoke about one or two more memories as well as her clear compassion for improving the life of others.

She mentioned that she had just authored a book entitled 'India. English.' and I knew that I had to read this truly inspirational story in full. We parted our ways then and a few days later I bought an electronic copy of Jillian's book to read. As her story unfolded through the pages, I was filled with compassion at the various encounters and circumstances she had endured - and also a sense of wonder at this woman's courage, determination and ability to rise above her past and her circumstances. Jillian is truly a champion of the heart who has turned her adverse conditions into a true and very real rags to riches story.

From literally been an outcast of society, spat on and treated with extreme disregard, suffering and loss a constant factor in her childhood, to working her way up to a highly successful position in the banking industry and now owning her own successful business, the one thing that stands out about all else is this woman's heart for people. Her integrity, compassion and sheer hard work have seen her achieve a level of influence and impact as she now makes it her daily business to change the lives of others.

If Jillian can reach what was beyond even a dream to most in the conditions of her early years, how much more can we do with what we have now?

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